about me:

Hi there!

My name is billie, (yes, it's my real, legal name) and yes, I'm a girl. 

I was born on the same day as my Uncle Billy and that's how I got my name (interestingly enough, years later my daughter would be born the day before me).

Thanks for coming by!

I'm trying to figure out how to the best mama and wife I can be.

I also play bass in my family-friendly alt-rock  band Atlas Takes Aim (and for those of you who keep harassing asking me the new album is finally here!).

I also write fiction stories about fairies, zombies, aliens and even normal people on occasion. My short story "Steven's Boat" will be in Catastrophia, an anthology due out in September of 2010, yay!.

Have a question? Want to say howdy? Email me.

random facts:

  • ^ Some fans turned friends, Ruth and Ruby gave me the shirt I'm wearing in this picture (thanks ladies).
  • I play bass in an alternative rock band called Atlas Takes Aim. That's okay if you've never heard of us. You have now. (Hah! Gotcha there, don't I?)
  • I write stories centered around fantastical "What if's".
  • 98% of the time I misspell 'banana', and 'finally'.
  • Despite playing in a band, listening to alternative rock and being an artist, I have a lot of philosophies that are currently considered old fashioned.
  • My house is never clean. So if you know me personally, I've probably never invited you over, though I desperately want to.



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